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Psychotherapeutic Services for Mind, Body, and Soul

Devoted to helping you achieve emotional well-being, peace of mind, success in life, and ultimately, meaning and purpose. Dr. Kapoor utilizes psychotherapeutic and psychiatric techniques to ensure successful healing and personal growth.


Dr. Kapoor's Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Kapoor typically begins treatment with an initial consultation for an in-depth assessment. This helps Dr. Kapoor gain familiarity with and understanding of your unique life story and your current emotional struggles and concerns. The initial evaluation is key in formulating a working diagnosis and a collaborative preliminary treatment plan. A few patients may require another session of history gathering before diagnoses and treatments recommendations can be made.


Dr. Kapoor embraces a holistic journey to well-being, encompassing therapeutic modalities that nurture both your mind and soul. Dr. Kapoor integrated approach ensures you receive the best of psychiatry and clinical psychology.


For Dr. Kapoor, your voice matters. She is a strong proponent of collaborative decision-making, fostering an environment where you actively participate in shaping your treatment journey. Dr. Kapoor carefully crafts personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs.


If Dr. Kapoor determines that you may benefit more from seeing another specialist in lieu of her, she will refer you to a more appropriate specialist.

Our Services

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